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Advanced Anti-Ageing Facials

Sesha Skin Therapy’s topical skincare formulations deliver with a difference - a visible difference.

With its patented Permeation Enhancement Technology (PET™), Sesha has developed the only skin care technology which has an FDA clearance for safety and efficacy. These are award winning medical products with superb results.



P.E.T.® works by solubilising the active ingredients and temporarily modifying the permeability of the skin. Therefore, when large-molecule active ingredients are combined with P.E.T.®, they are able to pass through the skin cell barrier to reach the deeper layers below the epidermis. P.E.T.® is very versatile and allows us to combine nutrients to work together as a networking system. Thus, P.E.T.® enables the penetration of the actives and provide you with the full benefits of each individual ingredient.

P.E.T.® is also extremely versatile and compatible with formulations that containing peptides, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids enabling deep controlled penetration through the top layer stratum corneum in a single formulation.



Facials are advisable on a 4 - 6 week basis with use of products at home in between to maximise results. 

There is a choice of a 60 minute or 90 minute customised facial treatment.  


" After treatment skin is left feeling clean and refreshed.  Fine lines and moderate pigmentation can be reduced and over all skin texture feels improved. "




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